The Brunswick Light Ray Process

Thursday, 23rd November
8 PM – 11:30 PM


Sound into light, light into sound. An evening of expanded cinema, radio art, performance and installation from BEEF members Melanie Clifford, Howard Jacques, Eliza Lomas, Matt Davies, Sam Francis, Shirley Pegna and others.

The intricacies and fascinating histories of The Brunswick Club in Bristol are explored, discovered and revealed via long-lost and newly invented methods and related activities.

The Brunswick Light-Ray Process was an early method of sound recording technology using a mirror, light rays and sound wave vibrations to record audio in a way that harmonizes with the optical soundtrack employed in photo-chemical film processes.

The possibilities of this defunct process in relation to BEEF’s preoccupation with analogue film and sound processes, resonates around both the fabric of the building and our own collective practices within it.

With additional live-to-air radio broadcast via Resonance FM from 10.30pm with Bermuda Triangle Test Transmission Engineers.

£7/£5 conc on the door (cash only)