BEEF members are a mix of artists, curators, producers, organisers, writers, teachers and academics that currently includes:

Al Cameron, Yas Clarke, Melanie Clifford, Katie Davies, Matt Davies, Sam Francis, Kathy Hinde, David Hopkinson, Howard Jacques, Elisa Kay, Dani Landau, Eliza Lomas, Rod Maclachlan, Angela Piccini, Shirley Pegna, Laura Phillips, Claudia Pilsl, Niyaz Saghari, Marcy Saude, Vicky Smith, Oliver Sutherland, Snoozie, Zoe Tissandier



Al Cameron is a curator, producer and writer working in sound, film and visual art, and an AHRC funded PhD candidate at Kingston University.


Vicky Smith has been practicing experimental animation for 25 years. Recent exhibitions include: Primal (16mm, 10 ‘ 2016) Crossroads Film Festival, San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art (2017); Athens Ohio Film Festival (2017); Contact Film Festival (2016); Edinburgh Film Festival (2016); … Read More


I am a sound artist, composer and musician. In my practice based (AHRC funded) and recently completed doctorate at Oxford Brookes University the research into low frequency sound and vibration has led me to look at how we perceive these … Read More


Roderick Maclachlan (born 1974) lives and works in Bristol. Studied: BA(Hons) in Fine Art:Sculpture – Glasgow School of Art in 1996, MA Fine Art, University College Falmouth in 2008. Shows include Dissapearance, Enclave, London (2014)  Life’s An Illusion Love Is A Dream, … Read More


A Tale of Toxicology, 2015, running time 16 min 19 sec My interests lie in obsolescence and precarity as narrative devices to displace monologues and re-frame positions of research, production and modes of moving image.


Niyaz Saghari is an Iranian born, Bristol based filmmaker. Graduating from Film Directing from Art University of Tehran, she continued her studies on the MA Animation at Newport. Besides following professional work in animation, she has been directing short documentaries and making … Read More


Melanie Clifford works in translation between moving image, sound, drawing, broadcast, material and site, with research interests bridging art and neuroscience. Her work includes silent film and constructing visual scores for variable sound interpretation – soliciting sensitivity to detail, to minor … Read More


Yas Clarke is a sound artist and musician, usually working in collaboration with performance makers and choreographers. Recent research is around reflecting the continuity of space between classifications as a way of exploring the human relationship to nature. Yas creates … Read More


Matt Davies is an artist, field recordist and collector whose work is primary engaged with the act of listening and the exploration of chance based composition. Past projects include Piano Loop at Expo Leeds, research residency at Kitev in Oberhausen, … Read More


Kathy Hinde is an audiovisual artist inspired by behaviours and phenomena found in nature and the everyday.  Her work grows from a partnership between nature and technology expressed through audiovisual installations and performances that combine sound, sculpture, image and light. Composed … Read More


Image: Bea McMahon, Cats, 2011. HD video still. Commissioned by Flat Time House for the exhibition Bea McMahon, ‘Trinity: A Symmetric Metric of Feats and Tales’, April – May 2011.   Elisa Kay is a curator and organiser of contemporary art projects. She … Read More


Sam Francis is a producer and organiser working within experimental practices across music, sound, performance and their overlap with the visual arts.  With an active history in DIY and artist-led cultures, she is interested in collaborative methods of exploring, uniting and connecting the … Read More


Musician, Sound Designer and Video Film Maker. Independent Radio Producer and Broadcaster producing Bermuda Triangle Test Transmission – a weekly show on since before time began. See website.


Marcy Saude’s practice involves subjects such as marginal histories, speculative fiction and utopia, the landscape, counterculture, radical politics, and text(s). Their moving image work has screened in the South West at venues including OD Arts Festival and the Arts Institute … Read More


Eliza Lomas is an audio producer, events organiser and workshop facilitator. Recent work includes producing  BBC Radio 4’s Poetry Please, geolocative sound tours for Echoes app and podcast workshops at Knowle West Media Centre. She co-founded Vietnam’s first localised podcast, The Renovation Generation and is … Read More


Oliver Sutherland is a visual artist working across moving image, sound and sculpture. Sutherland’s work often examines the language of digital production, focusing on the relationship between content, tool and the user. Oliver was an associate artist as part of … Read More


Zoe Tissandier is a visual artist who works with moving image, photography, printmaking and installation to explore notions of archiving, collecting and history. She employs texts and stories as a way to generate new meanings and often incorporates these as … Read More


Claudia Pilsl is a photographer and media artist based in Bristol and Vienna. She creates installations and projection works and engages diverse audiences in and beyond the gallery space. Her work is included in major collections such as the Museum … Read More