BEEF at Flatpack Festival, Centrala, Birmingham

Saturday 4th May 2019, 7-11pm

BEEF are taking over Centrala’s upstairs for the Saturday evening of Flatpack, with a back-to-back programme of performance, film and sound will be designed to ignite your retinas and vibrate your tectorial membranes. BEEF’s performers will bring with them all manner of beamers and AV contraptions, and among other things you can expect salt evaporating on projectors, sewing machines combined with tap-dancing and an OHP postcard show.


Yas Clarke: Palm Oil (music performance)
Live drum kit improvisation alongside slowly evolving, rhythmic patterns from musical generative processes mimicking natural ecologies.

Melanie Clifford: Throwing and Interrupting (16mm performance)
16mm film projection with sound, duetting between optical sound on film and live sound via magnetic tape or hand-spun vinyl.

Matt Davies: Salt (16mm performance)
Seawater from Dunwich is evaporated live by the heat of the projection lamp from a 16mm projector.

Sam Francis + Eliza Lomas: Tapsew (AV performance)
A high drama duet of sewing machine and tap dance.

David Hopkinson: The Minutes (film)
A short film produced on the day documenting the day up to that point in one minute takes, projected from the video camera that filmed them.

Dani Landau: Transitional Surface (installation)
When you remove the backlight from a computer screen it becomes like a big photo slide, moving.

Rod Maclachlan: Spin (installation – 35mm loop, projector, motors, prisms)
Prisms and a whirling child send image fragments and shards of refracted light from the screen’s frame.

Laura Phillips: Dogtooth Spar (16mm film, digital sounds, images, waterphone)
A speculative portrait of Pen Park Hole, one of Britain’s largest and oldest hydrothermal natural caves.

Vicky Smith with Shirley Pegna: Small Things Moving in Unison (16mm performance)
Thousands of tiny perforations made directly into 16mm black leader through repetitive physical actions describe relational fields.

Niyaz Saghari: Safety Precautions (16mm film)
A direct film experiment using found medical training footage.

Marcy Saude: Catherine (16mm film)
A few scenes from a lesser-known Grimm’s fairytale, transposed to the West Cumbrian landscape, quickly jettisoning half the story.

Zoe Tissandier: Archive Assembly (OHP performance)
Musings on a Bristol postcard collection via OHP

With BEEF film showreel shown in between performances.

Full details + tix HERE