Thursday 28th May, 8pm. £3, book here.

Begun in the early 1980s and running to over thirty eight hours of Super 8 film, Anne Charlotte Robertson’s Five Year Diary stands as one of the major works of diary film-making. The films are an intimate and exhaustively narrated chronicle of her daily life in Framingham, Massachusetts and her battles with depression, paranoia, and borderline schizophrenia. Over the course of the Diary, Robertson unflinchingly documents nervous breakdowns and hospitalisations, her obsessive crush on Doctor Who actor Tom Baker, her battles with weight, the side effects of prescription medication and the death of her three-year-old niece, Emily. Though often painfully raw and emotional the diary is not entirely bleak but leavened with self-awareness and humour it becomes a redemptive form of self-therapy which for Robertson ultimately tells ‘the story of a mind’s survival.’ Originally curated by Benjamin Cook & Barbara Rodriguez Muñoz for Anxiety 2014. Films presented courtesy of Harvard Film Archive. Introduced by Benjamin Cook, Director of LUX.

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Five Year Diary, Anne Charlotte Robertson