Psychedelic Super 8 workshop with Martha Jurksaitis

Saturday 18 November 10.00 – 16.00

£40/£30 (with free entry to evening screening)

Super 8 is a real beauty. Over 50 now, she is still going strong, and we will embark on a journey with her as we shoot black and white film, hand process it, and then tone it in multiple psychedelic colours to create a magically colourful film that will be as unpredictable as it is gorgeous!

Using the Colorvir system of toners (unavailable to buy), we’ll create utterly unique moving images that are as beautiful as they are unpredictable. Pseudo solarization, plus freezing of greys, and various dyes and toners are combined endlessly, all done in the light, to film that has been already developed, and a feverish palate emerges. Yellows, pinks, greens, violets, and a myriad of hues and effects transform black and white imagery to new abstraction. I created a film called ‘Salt’ using these toners, draping one single long shot across varying pots of alchemical mix, so the scene moves through the colours as the action progresses. Multiple processes are fun to layer on top of each other, and some add density while others
reduce it. There are a few guidelines, but the nature of the process means this workshop is a chance to create a real one-off piece impossible to re-create!

Martha Jurksaitis (London, 1981) is an analogue artist filmmaker whose early years were spent looking through kaleidoscopes, exploring gardens, and watching films. She works with the Super 8 and 16mm film
formats, which she processes by hand using a variety of alchemical techniques, and travels to different lands in pursuit of different kinds of light. Her work has shown at festivals including Edinburgh International Film Festival, Leeds International Film Festival, the Cambridge Super 8 Festival, as well as abroad at
screenings in Finland, Iceland, Australia, Germany, Canada and America.