The Brunswick Light-Ray Process

Sound into light, light into sound.

Thursday 23rd November 8pm-11.30pm at BEEF, The Brunswick Club, Brunswick Square, St. Pauls, Bristol BS2 8NX

An evening of expanded sound & film, performance, installation and live-to-air radio broadcast via Resonance FM.

T­he Brunswick Light-Ray Process was an early electrical method of recording sound, developed in the 1920s by Brunswick Records.

“A powerful beam of light is centered on a minute crystal mirror (weighing one two-hundredth part of a milligram) very much smaller than the head of a pin. This delicate mirror, which is held in place by a magnetic force is vibrated by sound waves and will respond to the slightest whisper. The mirror reflects the powerful light playing upon it, and as the sound waves vibrate, the mirror of reflected light dances to and fro. This dancing beam of light acts upon an electric magnetic wire, and a weak electrical impulse is set up. This electrical impulse is carried over wires to an amplifying unit, and thence to a cutting device which cuts the wax.” (Phonograph Monthly Review, Vol 1. 1926)

Join us exploring the old Brunswick Club ballroom via dancing beams of light and sound, stories and tap-dancing, sewing machine scores and the singing of signs, radiowaves and electromagnetic interference, ghosts in the skittle alleys, cosmic rays and tuning forks, magnetic levitation, prepared guitars, stars under the stairs and the Brunswick Light-Ray Process in many guises.

Brought to you by BEEF members: Melanie Clifford, Matt Davies, Sam Francis, Howard Jacques, Eliza Lomas, Shirley Pegna & Snoozie plus special guests the Brunswick Improv Choir.

Non-stop performance 8-11.30pm Thursday 23rd November includes live-to-air broadcast 10.30pm – 11.30pm with the Bermuda Triangle Test Transmission Broadcasts & Resonance FM.

£7/£5 conc on the door (cash only)


***NEWSFLASH*** Saturday 18th November Brunswick Light-Ray Process Radio broadcasting from the CCA Glasgow on Radiophrenia.

8pm-7pm listen live worldwide, or in the Glasgow area tune your radio to 87.9fm

Listen in on our preparatory explorations with special guests (former Brunswick-clubber) Susannah Ashley & the
Brunswick Improv Choir!