Photo credit Dom Moore

Update Oct 2021

Bristol Experimental Expanded Film (BEEF) Lab is a formalised group dedicated to skill sharing, preservation of resources and equipment in photochemical practices.

BEEF LAB have started compiling a comprehensive internal system of knowledge sharing including LAB members attending numerous workshops and courses, to feed into our collective knowledge.
Group members have pooled resources, and assessed, researched and compiled the photochemical equipment available to all members through an internal database. This database is an accessible and ever growing resource for all our members. It also provides the basis for future public facing BEEF LAB work, such as workshops and publicly accessible online resources, further sharing this wealth of collective knowledge.
Our recent acquisitions include a set of Steenbeck flatbed 16mm Editors & splicers which are rare and essential for working in film.  BEEF LAB members have received first hand tuition in the upkeep and servicing of steenbecks, which is a hugely important development, as the knowledge is specialist and will be carried forwards within BEEF LAB and beyond in the future. We would like to thank the support of the legend that is Lew from Clevedon, Matt Davies from BEEF and the National Film and Television School for this venture. The setting up of BEEF LAB was supported by funding from ‘The Brunswick Club’ Arts Council England grant.
Here are some exciting pics of the steenbeck move in action:

photo credit beavis