11am – 5pm

Led by James Holcombe of No.w.here, London

Combining the raw ingredients of photochemical imaging – gelatine, potassium bromide, silver nitrate, distilled water, and recycled acetate – we will together create a home-brew of light sensitive emulsion. The workshop consists of an introduction to the chemistry of film emulsion, a discussion of technique, the creation of the emulsion in the darkroom, followed by contact printing an already existing image strip onto this new handmade material with the results being hand-processed and assessed at the end of the day.This workshop is aimed at both experienced practitioners and newcomers to film and includes all the chemistry and supplies. You advised to wear old clothes to this workshop and bring (preferably Nitrile) gloves!

You might also consider bringing small objects of 16mm width or less to experiment with making photograms with the filmstrips.
There are limited places available on this course. £40 per person.
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