Doors 7.30pm,  £3


20th CENTURY FLICKS + BEEF present TIME, RACE, LAWES, three short films by William Raban and Katie Davies responding to social and political events.

Thematically the works cover a variety of significant social and political moments including anti-racist demonstrations in the 1990s, the St Paul’s Occupy movement, the Queen’s Jubilee Thames pageant, Margaret Thatcher’s funeral and the ancient border tradition of the Common Ridings all along the border of England and Scotland.

Following the screening, both filmmakers will discuss the social and political role of the artist, as well as the intent and affect of creating impacting and responsive works. This event is hosted by Tara Judah.


TIME AND THE WAVE (William Raban, 2013)

Reflecting the passage of time as if it were a wave, ebbing and flowing, with and against the tide, William’s film focuses of various events that took place in London in 2012 and 2013 to reveal the contemporary the crisis of capitalism and the state of the nation.


ISLAND RACE (William Raban, 1996)

An examination of national identity in the late 1990s, Island Race was filmed on the streets of East London between Spring 1994 and Summer 1995. A startling work of observatory filmmaking that speaks loud and clear without any added commentary or narration.


THE LAWES OF THE MARCHES (Katie Davies, 2014)

A moving depiction of the ancient border tradition of the Common Ridings all along the border of England and Scotland, which began in 1500. Originally a multiple screen installation work, this is the single screen version that screened at Oberhausen in May 2015.


William Raban started making films whist studying painting at Saint Martin’s School of Art in 1970. His current practice is rooted in his early 1970’s exploration of film properties and experiments in the observation of landscape. He has made over 40 films and is currently Professor of Film at London College of Communication (University of the Arts London).

Katie Davies is an artist exploring communal rituals, secular performances and the effect of contemporary bordering practices on the every day. Her videos and installations expose the fine line between the telling of stories and the writing of history, questioning how and why the past is used as evidence for the present moment. Katie is Course leader in Fine Art at University of Gloucestershire.

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This event is supported by Film Hub South West & West Midlands, part of the BFI Film Audience Network, awarding funds from the National Lottery.