Sunday 7th January – 7pm
£5 on the door. Cash only.
The Brunswick Club, Brunswick Square, Bristol

MERGE is a collaborative performance by dancer Brenda Waite and musician and sound artist Robin Foster who join forces to generate a high-nrg, improvised performance – a collision of objects, sound and bodies in a constantly transforming landscape. They will be joined by surprise BEEF guest artists.
“My performance work is mostly concerned with the physicality of noise. As a sound-artist, I have always been interested in exploring the inherent musicality of objects, and perhaps as a reaction to the prevalence of computer-based performance in live music, or perhaps due to my musical training as a drummer, this has always manifested itself in a high-energy performance style where I am the ‘agitator’, and through the use of my body I excite the objects into revealing their musical potential. I tend to think of this energy as the central parameter in my music – the movement is inexorably linked to the resultant sound.” Robin Foster

“As a visual theatre/ dance practitioner my interest lies in the interplay between movement and image, finding form and meaning in the emerging content. I am intrigued by the physical presence of objects in space, how they might travel, come to rest, find each other disrupt, collide combine and so on. How an intension and impetus can be transferred into the objects or a permission given so that they might reveal something of their internal force, agency, character. As an improviser I am committed to working with the unfamiliar and within this context I am seeking a physical dialogue with the objects and materials, a process of connection and feedback. ” Brenda Waite