Saturday 6th January – 7:30pm

£7 / £5

The Brunswick Club, Bruswick Square, Bristol

An event centred on expanding the idea of the turntable. Expect sculptural instruments, hacked record players and bespoke dubplates.  BEEF welcomes London based vocalist and DJ, Lisa Busby, to join us for an evening of installations and performances from Brunswick Club residents Copper Sounds, Melanie Clifford, Howard Jacques, Shirley Pegna and Kathy Hinde.

Lisa Busby is a Scottish artist, composer, and vocalist working in London, in long duration forms, performance video, text based score, installation and site specific performance. She is interested in exploring the fringes of song; the appropriation of everyday objects and scenarios with a particular focus on using domestic playback media and objects as instrumentsand how pop culture artefacts can be set in new and unusual contexts. She’s worked with venues including Blackwood Gallery Toronto, IAC Malmö, Tate, Wysing Arts, and Cafe Oto; curators Electra, Primary and Saisonscape; labels Adaadat and The Lumen Lake; and with collaborators Rutger Hauser, The Nomadic Female DJ Troupe, and Gabriel Bohm Calles. Tonight, she’ll be performing selections from her solo album Fingers in the Glossand other works.

Copper Sounds is an experimental record label. Their records are made of various materials such as copper, resin, chalk, ceramic and stone. Copper Sounds are resident at The Brunswick club as part of the CHAMP collective.

Throw Your Own Grooves, is an interactive turntable activity thrown by Shirley Pegna. BEEF member Shirley Pegna is a sound artist, composer and musician. Her research into low frequency sound and vibration has led her to look at how we perceive these and other elemental signals, how they signify in the perception of our habitat.  Shirely has created work for Modern Art Oxford, Audiograft, BEAM Festival and Bristol’s Festival of Desperation, and Bath Fringe Festival.

Melanie Clifford performs live in the basement with her own bespoke dubplates interacting with the sounds and resonances of the basement itself. BEEF Member, Melanie Clifford works in the translation between moving image, sound, drawing, broadcast, material and site, with research interests bridging art and neuroscience. Her work includes silent film and constructing visual scores for variable sound interpretation – soliciting sensitivity to detail, to minor fluctuations and structural disintegrity.

Howard Jacques will explore a small portable record player as an amplified sound box.

Kathy Hinde’s installation Phase Transition will bring throbbing bass to the basement, combining hacked turntables and melting ice phased by sequences that follow the glacial cycles of the planet aiming to bring a heightened awareness of global climate change. A Cryptic commission for Sonica 2017 created for an empty swimming pool at Govanhill Baths, Glasgow. BEEF Member Kathy Hinde’s work grows from a partnership between nature and technology expressed through audio-visual installations and performances that combine sound, sculpture, image and light.