Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th March 2018, 10am – 5pm

Two day 16mm film-making workshop at the Somerset Film, Bridgwater

BEEF members Vicky Smith and Louisa Fairclough bring a two-day workshop to Somerset Film in Bridgwater. Using all the effects that the 16mm clockwork Bolex camera has to offer, such as animation, pixilation, time-lapse and double/multi exposure, we will explore the theme of ‘tracks and traces’. The industry of the shoe trade will be translated into creative filmic responses. We will watch a few key films that reflect the techniques and set a context for this type of work before an afternoon of shooting film. The following day we will hand process the films in the DIY darkroom before projecting the final film.

The cost per participant is £40. To book, contact Zoe Li at Somerset Art Works

This workshop is part of Somerset Artists Film Development Project, led by Curator Josephine Lanyon. Commissioned by Somerset Art Works, working in partnership with Somerset Film. Funded by Arts Council England.
Image: Vicky Smith, 33 Frames Per Foot (Film Performance).