Doors 7.30pm,  £3

Holcombe’s work combines a deep material engagement with photochemical film with the chance outcomes possible through expanded projection and improvisation across both sound and image. Landscape romanticism collides with abstract handmade film techniques and chemical interventions which often take the image to the verge of failure …


A four-screen Super 8 film projection, which documents the destruction of two caravans on Ley Farm in Heywood, Lancashire. This action was documented by me with various super 8 cameras capturing events from multiple angles and perspectives. Sound was recorded to a cheap Sony cassette recorder suspended in a nearby tree. 4 x Super 8 projectors, sound on cassette transferred to minidisk.

Russian Tanks

An expanded and performative work which takes as its source material the russian spiral processing tank used to hand process films. Photographic traces of the tank spiral spills into the soundtrack area producing a tone. A formal process by which image becomes sound..In essence, the object which brings the film into being, becomes the subject of the work itself. A performance infused with colour, rhythm, light and sound.

Hair in the Gate

For this performance, hair cut from the head of the performer is firstly intentionally and directly applied to the gate of the projector, made visible on screen, then removed and cleaned in real time using canned air. Hairs trapped in the gate of the projector are seen to melt, curl and burn on screen, filling the air with the familiar acrid and sulphurous smell of burning keratine.