BEEF and Sonic Cinema present a unique screening of Gaëlle Rouard’s award-winning, atmospheric film diptych Darkness, Darkness Burning Bright, projected by the artist from her personal 16mm print.

The screening will take place at the Cube Cinema on Sat 3 February 2024 – Book Tickets HERE

Unfolding across two acts, Prelude and Oraison, Darkness Darkness, Burning Bright is a personal and poetic work full of expressive solarised nightscapes and pastoral unreality. The film draws us into a crepuscular landscape, where animals and plants appear luminous and rendered in chiaroscuro, with the movements playing out through a series of tableau vivant composed from the combination of photochemically manipulated still and moving images. Produced using found sounds and drawing on the traditions of musique concrète and cinéma pour l’oreille (cinema for the ear), Rouard’s soundtrack oscillates between supporting ambience and pronounced narrative emphasis.

Gaëlle Rouard (France) is a filmmaker and artist based in Grenoble. Since 1991 she has been making films, specialising in photochemical processing and the possibilities of live multi-projection. She ran the Atelier MTK DIY film laboratory in Grenoble from 1996 to 2006, and is a longtime member of Le 102, rue d’Alembert, a venue dedicated to experimental music and film. Gaëlle’s work has been presented internationally at festivals and art centres such as the Centre Pompidou Paris, the International Film Festival Rotterdam, Syros SIFF Film Festival and Brisbane Institute of Modern Art. Her latest film Darkness, Darkness, Burning Bright (2022) has received awards in various festivals, including the Istanbul International Film Festival Award, the Experimental Competition Award at the Curtas de Vila do Conde and Best Sound Design at the Ann Arbor Film Festival (2023).

Programmed with Oliver Dickens for Sonic Cinema, with support from Institut Français.