Doors: 8pm

£5 on the door

at BEEF, PRSC, 19 Hillgrove Street, Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS2 8JT

Gaëlle Rouard and Melanie Clifford

A special Christmas event that showcases two phenomenal artists working with the transformative possibilities of image and sound in a live context using a combination of analogue and digital technology. An evening of sensory immersion not to be missed

Illuminations and disappearances, irregularities and dissonances: Gaëlle Rouard’s immersive and hypnotic performance M…H brings together handmade film imagery with a haunting collage of found sounds and live manipulation of projector speed, light and lens. She will also show a selection of single-screen 16mm works.

Melanie Clifford will perform a new one-off, site-specific work using live re-composition of her musique concrète cut to vinyl dubplates, the acoustics of the performance space and the projection of her re-encoded moving image from Super 8, 16mm, mobile phone video & photography sources onto interchangeable ‘dirty screens’.

Gaëlle Rouard has been making handmade films since the early ‘90s. She is a long time member of the ‘102 rue d’Alembert’, a venue dedicated to the creation and diffusion of experimental music and film. She also ran the film lab Atelier MTK in Grenoble for 12 years until 2006. An alchemist specialising in the precipitation of silver on film, she has developed and still exploring various methods of chemical processing on film, while experimenting with the possibilities of live multi-projection in both solo and collaborative forms.

Melanie Clifford works in the translation between moving image, sound, drawing, broadcast, material and site, with research interests bridging art and neuroscience. Her work includes silent film and constructing visual scores for variable sound interpretation – soliciting sensitivity to detail, to minor fluctuations and structural disintegrity. She also works directly with sound and its location: performing site-specific sound pieces and recording found sounds and her own slight interventions, to be edited, reconstructed and broadcast.

Stay after the performances for BEEF’s Christmas Party with DJs, dancing and special Christmas cocktails !

Header image : Melanie Clifford     video below : Gaëlle Rouard

M…H trailer from gaëlle rouard on Vimeo.