7:30pm, £3

BEN GWILLIAM, Oxide (ii)+(iii)
With films and performances by Film Material

(Annie Carpenter, Clara Casian, Matt Denniss, Dave Griffiths, James Snazell)

Ben Gwilliam is an artist and member of Film Material, whose work explores how the mechanics of sound medias reflect and distort perception.

Oxide (ii)+(iii) is a multi-projector performance made using 16mm and Super 8 film and magnetic sound. The sound is created by staining rust on the total film area before and after the film is processed. The short lengths of unexposed film are laced with magnetically charged iron filings and sprayed with salt-water. What results is a visual staining and magnetic charging on both sides of the film surface.

Film Material is a Manchester-based collective working with film, video and photography. Several members of the collective will spend time working at BEEF on a weeklong residency.