Nautilus is a sub-aquatic, wooded glen, hidden away at the periphery of the festival; an intimate space away from the throng of the main site. Bristol Experimental Expanded Film (BEEF) artists and friends come together to showcase an expanded programme of experimental performances and submerged wonders taking in music, film, sound, workshops,collaborations, conversations, cocktails and good times.

Nautilus is the third iteration of the BEEF Shed at Supernormal, each named in homage to the charismatic Cephalopod family whose prepossessing visual forms, atypical communication methods and adaptive camouflage capabilities make these curious creatures the perfect BEEF ally.

Nautilus is a hidden gem just off the back right-handside of the campsite (behind the loos!);  be sure to seek it out!

This year we are delighted to host this mighty line up….


EP/64 & Copper Sounds


Kathy Hinde

Palm Oil

Melanie Clifford

David Hopkinson


Matt Davies

Shirley Pegna


Yas Clarke

Oliver Sutherland presents Oss Oss


Bell Lungs

SIFT present: Black Magic in Bandit Country

Alpha Beta Disco from DJ Ductape

Wojciech Rusin presents The Funnel

Wax Paper Hour DJ Set

In The Dark

Field Recording Discotheque


BEEF Members Showreel

A cap, like water, transparent, fluid yet with definite body by Bryony Gillard

Moving Image Makers Collective: On the Move (touring programme)

Go Go Go! Women in Experimental Animation


Keening Workshop with Deirdre Canavan

100 FEET: Vicky Smith

Jellyfish thinking, feeling, being (Writing workshop with Bryony Gillard)

The Somatic Bolex: Adventures in Lensless Cinema


In The Dark
Wax Paper Hour DJ Set
The Utopia Strong DJ Set with Kavus Torabi, Mike York, Steve Davis
Field Recording Discotheque

Queens of the Neighbourhood DJ’s
Nautilus Obscura

IMAGES HERE  (credit Milo Newman)