BEEF Curated Film Screening at Strangelove Festival, Kent, 2019 

BEEF are delighted to be presenting a programme of members work at Strangelove Time Based Media Festival. Vicky Smith will introduce the programme and talk about BEEF’s work.

Featuring BEEF Artists: Niyaz Saghari, Vicky Smith, Katie Davis, Dani Landau, Laura Phillips, Melanie Clifford, Marcy Saude”

The Stairs, the Suitcases and the Grand Hall of Books, Niyaz Saghari, Shot on Super8, 2019

Small Things Moving in Unison, Vicky Smith, 16mm, 2018

The Lawes of the Marches, Katie Davis, 2015

Walk on By, Dani Landau, 2006

Old Fever Hospital 2, Melanie Clifford 2018

19 Very Short Films, Melanie Clifford, 2014

Catherine, Marcy Saude, 2018