BEEF Winter School : Workshop #3 

Synth Making & e-textiles with PRRRRRT

Sunday 8th December : 1pm – 5pm

BEEF, Pennywell Studios, Pennywell Road, Old Market, Bristol, BS5 OTL
FIND US: BEEF entrance is on L/H side of Main Pennywell Studios entrance. Follow the signs.

£15/ £10 concession : Tickets for sale on Headfirst (+ £1 booking fee)

Come and warm your hands by the soldering iron for a winter afternoon of synth building with PRRRRRT. The Nom Nom Nand Nor  Synth is a tiny but powerful 4xNand gate synth using a 4093 chip. By adding sensors, and combining with e-textiles, this simple synth can become a light responsive musical instrument housed inside a soft toy, customised to each person’s creative choices. You will leave BEEF with a completely unique, strange little instrument to keep for yourself or give away as a cacophonous gift.

This workshop does not require prior technical experience. Our aim is to make DIY electronic music more accessible and to have fun making. Participants will solder and assemble their own noise makers, embedding them inside a soft toy (or another object of choice). PRRRRRT‘s approach will be hands on, and while they will talk about the basic components of the circuit and how they are making and changing the sound; the main focus will be on learning through listening. The synths will all sound a bit different depending on the choices people make during the workshop. 

Towards the end of the afternoon we will have time to play our synths together through some loudspeakers and you will hear that the  Nom Nom Nand Nor  synth has a very boisterous voice for such a little thing!


A soft toy or small object you would like to embed the synth into (the synth is approx. 5/5cm with appendages)

A torch or bike-light to control your synth.


PRRRRRT are electronic music makers… with you … A collaborative project between…

Jasmine Butt – Jasmine’s work involves helping with synth manufacture in Bristol with Bugbrand. She has assisted with soldering and making in various workshops.

Becca Rose Glowacki –  Becca is an artist, maker, and educator working at the intersection of craft practice, socially engaged arts, and creative technologies. She puts on participatory events or workshops such as working with DIY electronic-textile sensors, or creating tactile digital games.

Kathy Hinde – Kathy’s work grows from a partnership between nature and technology expressed through immersive audio-visual installations and performances that combine sound, sculpture, image and light. Kathy is a member of Bristol Experimental Expanded Film (BEEF).