Go go go! Women in Experimental Animation

Wed 8th May: Animation for Live Action
Thur 13th June:  Handmade Animation
Thur 11th July: The Crafty Animator
The Cube Cinema, Dove St, Bristol, BS2 8JD
£7/£5 concs per event. Tickets + info

The films within this programme deploy modes of humour, irony, absurdity, the grotesque, mystery, beauty and defiance where qualities of shape, colour, texture, light, materiality and movement and questions of process itself are given priority.

Audiences will experience a wealth of unexpected insights, imagery and unusual perspectives taking place alongside a wide range of different media including the use of stop motion, animated body fluids, pixilation, drawing, found footage, photo-collage,textiles, painting, frame-by- frame and frameless, handmade, direct film and performance.

This programme is curated by BEEF member Vicky Smith with input from Marcy Saude and support from Sam Francis and Cressida Williams and made possible with the support of Arts Council England.

PROGRAMME #1 Animation for Live Action:

Vera Neubauer (UK), Mid Air (1985)

Kelly Gallagher (US), Pearl Pistols (2014)

Marie Menken (US), Gogogo (1964)  

Julia Parks (UK), Solway Film (2016)

Mara Mattuschka (AU), SOS Extraterrestria (1993)  

Jane Conger Belson (US), Odds and Ends (1959)  

Barbara Meter (HL), Little Stabs (2012)  

Inger Lise Hansen (UK), Take (2018)

Barbara Hammer (US), Endangered (1988)


Lauren Cook (US), Handmade (2004)
Isabella Pruska Olderhof (US), Light Magic (2001)
Jeanne Liotta (US), Loretta (2003)
Lis Rhodes (UK), Dresden Dynamo (1971)
Margaret Tait (UK), Colour Poems (1974)
Courtney Hoskins (USA), Gossamer Conglomerate (2001)
Charlotte Pryce, Looking Glass Insects (2012)
Jo Law Virtual Memory is Running Low
Vicky Smith (UK), Noisy Licking Dribbling & Spitting (2014)
Kayla Parker (UK), Sunset Strip (1996)
Emily Scaife (UK), Attraction (2019)
Stephanie Maxwell (US), Ga (1984)
Barbel Neubauer (AT), Mondlicht (1997)
Jennifer Reeves (US), Landfill (2010)
Rose Bond (US), Gaia’s Dream (1982)



Kelly Sears (US), The Body Besieged (2009)
Sandra Lahire (UK), Arrows (1984)
Kayla Parker (UK), Measure (2017)
Ira Vicari (IT), Gardens (2018)
Mary Ellen Bute (US), Abstronic (1952)
Sabine Gruffat (US), Framelines (2017)
Daina Krumins (USA), Baobilcons (1982)
Sarah Pucill (UK), Backcomb (1995)
Sophie Michael (UK), 99 Clerkenwell Rd (2010)
Maria Lassnig (AT), Kantate (1992)