7:30pm to 11pm on Weds 23rd November 2022 – TICKETS on HEADFIRST

Interactive workshop, Performances and Films 

Featuring Ann Rosen (SE), Guest, Matt Davies, Kathy Hinde and Black Midi 2

BEEF are pleased to welcome composer, musician and artist Ann Rosén from Sweden to join with BEEF members and associates for an evening exploring the possibilities of translating drawings, images, light, and patterns into sound.

Starting with an interactive workshop, JOIN IN with others to play Ann’s array of DIY synthesisers that are activated by graphite drawings. Contribute to a huge, collaborative noise-making drawing sprawling over the floor of Strange Brew… or enjoy watching and listening while others get hands on.

Followed by a screening of 16mm films focusing on the generation of sound from patterns printed onto the Optical Soundtrack of the film (the origin of very early synthesizers), featuring a new work from Guest, an exploration of the patterns and textures of the Brunswick Club by Matt Davies and an investigation into patterns formed by algae and sediment found in the River Frome by Kathy Hinde.

A live performance from ‘Black Midi 2’ explores the audiovisual phenomena of ‘black midi’ – a method of drawing complex visual patterns directly into sound making software – to produce a huge variety of sounds, textures and glitches, as the system overloads and clears again. (not to be confused with the UK rock band ‘Black Midi’)

To conclude the evening, Ann Rosén will perform “Drawing Sessions” live with her own customised instrument. By using graphite, her music is drawn into existence and gently shaped in all dimensions, moving in time and space as well as between different states. Drawing Sessions is a project and a process that grew from an electronic-music workshop that Ann Rosén ran for children and has since then resulted in sound installations, ensemble works, duos, album releases and a large number of concerts.

Subtle, warm and imaginative, Swedish artist Ann Rosén’s music gently guides the listeners through complex sound worlds, leaving plenty of room to explore the music along one’s own path. Ann Rosén uses graphite and its conductive qualities to create sounds in the moment, while she draws. As well as generating music, Ann’s drawing also creates unique graphite works of art.”


7:30 – Interactive workshop with Ann Rosén

8:45 – Optical Sound films

9:15 – Black Midi 2

10:00 –  “Drawing Sessions” by Ann Rosén with BEEF artists