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An evening of experimental music from:


CZN (Valentina Magaletti & João Pais Filipe)



After hours set by Copper Sounds


Italian/Portuguese experimental percussionists Valentina Magaletti & João Pais Filipe collaborate as new duo CZN.
Album launch for the bellies! & EP/64 split 12’’. Erratic experimental improvisations from Bristol’s finest.

Saturday 15th December

8pm Doors
9pm first act

£10 otd £8 concession

Tickets headfirst:

The Brunswick Club
15-16 York St, Brunswick Square, Bristol BS2 8NX
CZN (Valentina Magaletti & João Pais Filipe)
CZN stands for Copper, Zinc and Nickel, the raw materials used by percussionist and sculptor Joao Pais Filipe to make gongs and bells in his portuguese studio.CZN is also the alchemical sound of Joao in collaboration with percussionist Valentina Magaletti (Tomaga, Vanishing Twin, uuuu). The duo create rich tapestries of hypnotic rhythms, evolving the sound of drums and percussion into vivid textures: visceral timbres and telescoping rhythms that surround and beguile, and which hint at the meditative states of spiritual jazz as much as the cerebral counterpoint of Minimalist Composition.Beginning with a one off recording session in Porto in Spring 2018, the duo have crafted a debut LP that will be released as a collaboration between Porto’s Lovers & Lollipops collective and Tomaga’s Negative Days label in November 2018, including a launch party at Cafe Oto on 17th December.
bellies! are Nat Brown (guitar/vocals) and D-M Withers (drums/vocals). They have been writing and performing together since 2010.bellies!’s music is a life-baked concoction. Formed in a do it yourself habitus, injected with the energy of free improvisation.Believe in Hell evokes the drama of Brechtian political opera, the vocal pointillism of Meredith Monk and irresistible pop of Bananarama.The songs draw inspiration from the horrors of the present and the mistakes of the past, while probing the edges of where the future could be different.
EP/64 is a subtle wild improvisation combo, with variable geometry, which aim is to cease after 64 performances. Ephemeral Project 64 will perform their 37th show for this album launch. They’ll be hardcore duo with Dan Johnson on drums and Dali de Saint Paul on vocals.
Copper Sounds
Copper Sounds is an experimental record manufacturer, who focus on the small questions of what sound is, how it can be re/produced and how it can be stored. Their expansive live sets involve copper records, homemade reverb plates, ceramic sculptures and stone. Using springs and microphones they extract and manipulate the native and otherwise dormant sounds of these objects. Primitive turntablism.