Event runs from 2 – 5pm

The Nunnery, 181 Bow Road, London E3 2SJ

BEEF presents immersive photochemical and sonic experimental performances at Visions in the Nunnery.

The afternoon starts with a performance using handmade contact film prints by Laura Phillips with a live soundtrack performed by Saltings. 

Saltings brings together three Bristol-based musicians who will perform a semi-improvised mixture of cello, double bass and live programming that coalesce into distorted polyphony, ominous drones and unexpected melodies. For this unique performance BEEF artist Laura Phillips will collaborate with the group to create an audio-visual ensemble of live image manipulation and improvisation. Layered with shifting imagery taken from a screen reading device used by partial-sighted readers, the performance explores the complexity of resonance and incongruence between sound/image to educe a sense of enigma and decentralisation. How do we come to know an object, its temperament, texture, colour, hue and smell?

My Tape Archive is a phantasmagorical expanded projection of multiple 16mm film loops and field recordings. My Tape Archive incorporates playful acoustics created from recording the transformers inside film projectors, these are interwoven with an alchemical mirage of found footage that is reimagined through a process of contact printing and abstraction through light play and lens trickery.

Vicky Smith and Shirley Pegna perform Primal, a visceral abstract animation made directly onto 16mm filmstrip through the actions of rubbing and scraping. Shirley Pegna responds with a live soundtrack with noises made through tactile processes.

For Lines Rod Maclachlan directs revolving skewers to create a syncopated shadow grid of video light reminiscent of Man Ray’s Abstract Cinema and Norman McLaren’s animations. Vintage vision mixers and effects pedals shape the composition. 

Curated by Louisa Fairclough

Some of the works in this show have been generously supported by the Centre for Moving Image Research BEEF bursary scheme.
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